With the prohibitive cost of down time, not to mention the risk of product spoilage and/or the potential loss of a contract, should your refrigeration equipment fail, it is essential that you have access to a service organization that is responsive to your needs.


ICEMAN Refrigeration will tailor an ongoing service contract for you to best meet the needs of an individual operator or a fleet, so that you can have piece of mind, should a breakdown occur, it will be attended to promptly and professionally no matter where you are.


To this end ICEMAN Refrigeration has recruited a network of service providers throughout Australia with a capacity to resolve breakdown incidents promptly and to your satisfaction.Please contact ICEMAN Refrigeration to obtain details of your nearest service provider.




Not all things go to plan all of the time. If your refrigeration unit fails, response time is Iceman’s biggest priority. The quicker we can get to you to repair, the quicker you are back on the road with minimal fuss. That’s why our on call technicians are on their way to you within minutes of receiving your breakdown call.


Australia Wide Networks


Iceman has existing relationships with a wide range of repairers Australia wide, so if you break down in interstate our service never stops. Our office will provide you the best location.


We Communicate


Our Technicians talk to you. If you’ve had a problem with your Unit, then we tell you what the problem was and if possible, let you know how to avoid it in the future. If your problem needs follow up attention, perhaps a Major Service, Further Repairs or Pressure Cleaning Treatment, we can arrange to book you in with our Service Department.


ICEMAN Refrigeration is pleased to quote on servicing your commercial transport refrigeration equipment.