Our qualified staff are experts in the installation of the complete range of all products we provide and also other leading industry brands such as ThermoKing and Carrier. We have extensive experience in the rapid installation of this equipment, and this is supported by ongoing training and development of our technical staff.




At the Dandenong site, ICEMAN has a seasoned team specialising in fibreglass insulation. Utilising the best materials, ICEMAN insulation is said to be second to none. The quality of the finish and ensuring no heat transfer spots is key to our success.




Being the only transport refrigeration accredited installer for Renault, ICEMAN has struck guidelines in ensuring your vehicle has the best care possible while on our premises. Our technicians have certificates in refrigeration and many, many years of experience. Installations of either the Zanotti units or ICEMAN units is carefully planned and executed to ensure the system runs efficiently to prolong life.


ICEMAN installations are backed by a full warranty for a minimum of 12 months, subject to T&C’s in the warranty book.