ICEMAN supplies it's own Australian manafactured units and is also an authorised supplier of the Zanotti range of refrigeration units, ICEMAN can meet the needs of van and trucks of any size, for Specialised temperatures (+20 deg C), chiller (0 deg C) or freezer (-25 deg C) applications. ARCTICK LICENCE NUMBER : AU27021


The ICEMAN product range offers direct drive (off-engine) units for small to medium sized vas and trucks with from 4 to 55 cubic metre capacity, self-powered (stand-alone engine) units for larger trucks with from 20 to 70 cubic metre capacity, and even larger units for trailers up to 15.6 metres in length.


Additionally, 240V or 415V standby power supply units are available, and can be installed in combination with any of the off-engine units.


ICEMAN is also the supplier of Oliva Torras Compressor mount Kits. These kits have been certified from the vehicle manufactures to meet struck guidelines.


You can navigate through the products by using the side product menu. Alternatively, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you select the best solution for your vehicle.