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Oliva Torras


The Oliva Torras Group is made up of various industrial companies and divisions that can be found throughout Europe and the Americas. They have more than 21,000 m2 of facilities in Spain and Mexico, most of which house central engineering, manufacturing, logistics and management services in Manresa, a town near Barcelona and our communications hub for southern Europe.


Overall, the various companies and divisions have more than 200 highly qualified and specialised employees. In recent fiscal years, the group has maintained steady growth at around 10% of its annual turnover.


Though we continue to design and manufacture countless metal-based products and components today, the companies of the group bring great technological and innovative experience that has won them renown in their respective markets. With technology, equipment and systems that integrate mechanics, electricity, electronics and software, the group offers solutions that contribute to people’s comfort, company security, social progress and environmental sustainability.


The Oliva Torras Mount & Drive Kit company was foundedin 2006 and the main purpose is to Design, manufacture and market adapter kits to assemble compressors in cooled vehicles. ICEMAN AUTO AIR and ICEMAN REFRIGERATION who specialises in transport refrigeration has been the sole distributor of Oliva Torras kits since 2011.


The various applications can be as follows:


Air conditioning
ICEMAN can specify and supply the most suitable compressor along with the specific compressor mount kit for vehicles requiring additional A/C e.g. minibuses and small coaches where passenger space requires cooling.


Power generation
Oliva Torras compressor mount kits can be supplied to take anadditional alternator to provide electrical power from the engine. Being independent of the vehicle’s electrical system, the need for mobile generators is avoided -. a more reliable and convenient solution.


Transport Refrigeration
ICEMAN can specify and supply the most suitable compressor, along with the specific compressor mount kit, for vehicles requiring refrigeration e.g. home shopping delivery and cateringvehicles. Kits designed for Transport Refrigeration.


For more information about Oliva Torras visit www.olivatorras.com/kits/